Sippy cups

Sippy cups

So recently I asked our lovely Instagram followers for some recommendations for a sippy cup for toddlers. I was looking for that magic cup that doesn't spill or leak. I've bought a few different cups for Fiadh but within a couple of days she's figured out how to get the water out of it and is enjoying some water play!!!
I got so many recommendations but two cups were recommended way more. They were the Munchkin weighted straw cup. You can get this for 6months+ and 12months+. The other cup was the Nuk 360. After I posted this I got some messages that the Nuk 360 was not recommended by the HSE or speech & language therapists. I started to look online to see if this was right. The information I read states that speech & language therapists recommend that a toddlers tongue should be elevated when drinking, this creates good habits which will help them with their speech. Some of the cups currently on the market don't do this, instead your little ones tongue is resting in the front of their mouth.
It would appear that a cup with a straw is what the professionals recommend for good habits to develop but a cup without a lid is what may be best.
I'm not sure I could cope with the constant water play that would come with a cup with no lid though!!!

I was unaware of the impact different cups could have on our little one, from the messages I received I wasn't the only one. I'm obviously not a professional, I'm only sharing information I received from our followers but I hope you found it helpful. As a parent you'll make your decision on whatever works best for you and your little one.

Below I've listed the most popular cups recommended, based on no spills or leakage.

Munchkin weighted straw cup -


Nuk magic 360 -

Nuby 360 -

Nuby straw cup -

Dr Brown's sippy cup -


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